Book Review: Maximizing Benefits from IT Project Management

Maximizing Benefits from IT Project Management


pmwj42-Jan2016-Gan-BOOKBook Title:   Maximizing Benefits from IT Project Management: From Requirement to Value Delivery
Author:    José López Soriano
Publisher:    CRC Press
Format/List Price:   Hard cover $71.95; eBook $50.37
Publication Date:   2012    
ISBN:   978-1-4398-4156-3
Reviewer:     Johnny Gan
Review Date:   12/2015


Investing in Information Technology is growing every year in today’s businesses organization and is reaching astronomical figures. These investments are growing day by day; however, this increase is not always matched by revenue and benefits due to project failures or poor performances.


Figure 1. The iceberg of project results (source: original book Figure 1.1)
Especially, when we examine IT project performance, we may be disappointed. According to some international agencies such as the PMI (Project Management Institute) or the APM Group, both dedicated to promoting the project management discipline, no more than 10% of projects end in success. That means a terrible conclusion can be drawn: in most case 90%, IT projects will burn more money than originally planned.

It is clear that IT projects should think about how to maximize its benefits from requirements to value delivery, and this is the purpose of this book we introduced here.


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