Java 技术

Java 从1995年诞生到现在,已经远远超过了编程语言的角色,发展成为一种计算机开发技术的代表,推动了计算机,互联网行业的发展,得到了整个计算机行业的支持并衍生出其他新的技术。

When the Java programming language was first announced in 1995, there was a buzz about it possibly changing the world of software development. It did. Since the ‘90s, Java has established itself as a top language for enterprise development; meanwhile, the job of a Java programmer has changed dramatically.


A Software developers need to be detail-oriented and have excellent problem-solving and analytical abilities. They should have good communication skills and be able to work independently and as part of a development team。

不过,从Java这20年的发展来看,值得一提的是Java MVC架构——Spring。

2002’s Spring framework has become quite popular as well for development: It gives a consistent and comprehensive approach to Java development and provides a broader approach, enabling more than just the MVC pattern. The Spring framework has provided order and common, reusable components to the world of Java development, reducing the need for boilerplate code or creating custom code which must then be rigorously tested. This has allowed Java developers to focus on solving business problems instead of technical problems.

其次是平台独立性,Java的口号就是让同一程序可以在任何平台运行,”write once, run anywhere”。所以极大的降低了编程强度和开发成本,并使得编写的软件可以跨平台使用。特别是当前十分流行的Android手机软件的开发,得益于Java跨平台的架构。当然,任何事情都不是十全十美的,Java系统的维护升级和系统配置并不简单,很多时候需要IT技术部门的支持。Java是一个系统,或者说是一个生态环境,包括JDK,JRM,JVM。这种多层次架构和开放特性,使得所有软件公司乃至个人都可以贡献自己程序。

The availability of Apache Tomcat – also in 1999 – created the option for java developers to use the completely free, mostly open source stack of Linux, Tomcat and Java. Thanks to these opportunities, Java programming has grown from being a fun way to put animations on web pages to being a major consideration in enterprise web development.



In 1995, Java used the Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) for creating user interfaces. A few years later, Swing displaced AWT. Now, history is repeating itself as JavaFX does the same thing to Swing. Since JavaFX allows java programmers to have a unified system for writing UIs that works across a variety of different platforms (and includes Swing on desktops), Java programmers can more easily write cross-platform Java apps.



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