PM WORLD Book Review: Validating Strategies, Linking Projects and Results to Uses and Benefits

PM WORLD Book Review 

pmwj25-aug2014-Gan-IMAGE1 BOOKBook Title:  Validating Strategies, Linking Projects and Results to Uses and Benefits
Author:  Phil Driver
Publisher:  Gower (UK)
List Price:   £70.00
Format:  Hard cover; 273 pages
Publication Date:   2014
ISBN: 978-1-4724-2781-6
Reviewer:      Johnny Gan
Review Date:              July, 2014

Introduction to the Book

A strategy means a carefully devised plan of action to achieve a goal, or the art of developing or carrying out such a plan. Most companies have their business strategies, which provide the big picture that shows how all the individual activities are coordinated to achieve a desired end result. Whatever you do in your business, you have a strategy.

Strategy is so important because it is the source of long term profits; but most organizations continue to struggle with their strategies due to lack of knowledge on how to put together a formal strategic plan or how to hold effective strategy workshops.

Phil Driver, the author tries to bring you an effective strategy development and implementation system in this book.

Snowden and Boone segmented the world of strategic management into four broad categories:

  • Simple (know knows);
  • Complicated (unknown knows);
  • Complex (unknown unknowns);
  • Chaotic (unknowable); 

(A Leaders’ Framework for Decision-making, Harvard Business Review, Nov 2007)

If you want a strategy that can be validated and implemented, then it must be a simple one, since it is physically impossible to implement unknowns. So Phil applied OpenStrategies methodology in this book, which is going to help an organization to develop a simple yet powerful strategy system. Beyond that, the book also guides the organization to validate and implement strategies.

Phil Driver is founder and CEO of Open Strategies Ltd. His background in science and engineering management led to his involvement in large-scale industry-sector strategies.

Overview of Book’s Structure 

This book uses a system called Open Strategies to diagnose traditional strategy statements and convincingly demonstrate their effectiveness or ineffectiveness. It then shows how to create and validate effective strategies, especially in large-scale multi-stakeholder environments.

The whole book includes 3 parts:


To read entire Book Review (click here)


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