BOOK REVIEW: A Framework for Value Management Practice

A Framework for Value Management Practice


pmwj20-mar2014-gan-IMAGE1 BOOKBook Title:  A Framework for Value Management Practice
Author:  Michel Thiry, PhD
Publisher:  Project Management Institute, Inc.
List Price:   $29.95
Format:  soft cover; 169 pages
Publication Date:   2013     ISBN: 9781628250183
Reviewer:      Johnny Gan
Review Date:              January, 2014

Introduction to the Book 

When we assign a job to the project team, mostly, the team member will ask us the same question: is that worth to do that? Exactly, if we did not find out this answer, the team morale will be effected, and during the project, they will ask this question again and again,  because the team do not feel comfortable if they think the job is no value or low value, or meaningless.

Actually, failure to realize value is usually caused by a lack of an adequate level of performance in many areas:

(Note: all figures if not specify the source are from this book.)

So if we did not show the value of the project at the beginning, your project may be failed with high possibility. A Framework for Value Management Practice is the right book to help us to dig out the value of the project, and when and where to use value management.

The first edition of this book was published in 1997, and because Value Management (VM) practice has evolved into many different areas since the first edition was written, the author, Michel Thiry, PhD re-wrote this book and which is the second edition of this book with newest value management practice.




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