Review 2013

Time is flying, it’s coming another new year 2014.

Compare 2012, 2013 was a fairly disappointing year for tech gadget enthusiasts. Apple released only relatively minor updates to its devices, but it’s enough to lead other high-tech companies. While Microsoft did not bring any new in PC, the Suface RT technically was released in the end of 2012, windows 8.1 and Xbox One does not  bring new market to Microsfot. Google developed Chromecast which let you turn TV into a smart TV for just $35, not bad? actually, Chromecast has no remote controller, you still need to control your computer, tablet or smart phone, and Google Glass is still  not available to consumers in 2013.

In April, Facebook released the “Facebook Phone”, and just one or two months later, it disappeared from the market. Samsung Galaxy Gear looks not bring excited stuffs than Pebble smart watch. Maybe after Gear II, III, and IV, it can override its shortages little by little. BlackBerry originally hope 2013 they can turn back into the smart phone market, and BlackBerry Z10 just brought them $1 billion loss, and laying off 40% of its employees.

After a plain 2013, 2014 should be a big year, hopefully.


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