Bing Reward redeems is not working, is that cheating?

It looks I am not the first victim.

I ordered one month subscription, see detail information below.

Reward: Skype Unlimited US & Canada – 1 Month Subscription Order Confirmation: 520384455074010

and I got Skype Unlimited Voucher by the email,

But I could not redeem it.

In “Redeem Skype voucher or card” page it shows: Unknown error occurred. Please try again later.

Then when I tried again, it shows: You have tried too many invalid voucher or prepaid card numbers in a row. Please wait for 30 minutes and then try again. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

I sent out email depends on the “contact us” link, but no response yet.​us&productKey=bingrewardspay&ct=eformcs&subtype=fr​…

So it’s kind of cheating game, either Bing, or Skype.

Hope you will not trap into this cheating game!

3 days later, after I contacted with Skype team and Bing team, I got their apology, refund my credit and they also removed this voucher from the list.  Here I also want to say sorry if I was using any bad words in this event.


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