Never Stop Learning

Don’t be ashamed to acknowledge that you don’t know something. If you want to learn something new, say “I don’t know, but I would like to learn”.

First of all you need to learn is how to ask questions in a smart way:

  • Ask the right people
  • Ask exactly what you want
  • Be appreciative of the help you get

Second, be organized, make sure all you learned can be found somewhere if you cannot fill all of them in your brain. You need to develop a good habit which is most fit you.

“You cannot create experience. You must undergo it.” — Albert Camus

Alright, learning knowledge is purpose to use, in that experience can help you gain knowledge well. Everyone are going to fail, but Don’t be blamed from Fail, don’t lost you way due to fail, at least you’ll know whether it works for your or not.  Learn to fail gracefully and keep you out of fail often.

When you can, start helping others. You’d be amazed by how far your skills will expand when you start helping others.

Listen More Than you Talk so that you can learn more.


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