Book Review: The Keys to Our Success

PM World Book Review

pmwj15-oct2013-gan-BOOK IMAGEBook Title:  The Keys to Our Success
Compiled by:  David Barrett & Derek Vigar (editors)
Publisher:  Multi-Media Publications Inc.
List Price:   US$29.95
Format:  soft cover; 348 pages
Publication Date:   2011
ISBN: 9781554891627
Reviewer:      Johnny Gan
Review Date:              August, 2013


Introduction to the Book

“What is the one best piece of advice you would share for success in project management?”

This book actually is a collection of papers, and all these papers’ authors consist of twenty-five of North America’s best project managers, and above question is we mostly like to ask when you meet with these successful project managers.

Although the question is same, but the answers from these managers are varies. There is no magic project management recipe. No one size fits all. Each project is different, each project team is different, and therefore their keys to success are different either. But it became clearer and clearer that project management is widely accepted and known as powerful tool, more and more organizations are seeing project management as a way to achieve organizational change, meet strategic objectives, and improve their operational efficiency.

How can projects be done well today and even better tomorrow? The simple answer is learning from lessons, not just from yourself, but also others. In this book, the authors did not talk about too much on their success; most stories are lessons they learned. Instead, to the readers, you can call these are keys to success, because you don’t have to go through all these lessons and repeat the faults after you read their stories. 


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