Mobile Application or Mobile Web Application

Around 6 months ago,  I presented this topic to developers in my company’s training session.

Now, with rapid evolution of the mobile web, mobile web application is growing very fast, based on web services, people can access their needs whenever and wherever they are. Mobile technologies changed people’s behaviors, and high technology company provided faster connection and better devices, all these changes make mobile web applications become a low cost but high efficient utilities.

Mobile application is the software which installs on you mobile device and running locally, while Mobile Web Application is the kind of web services delivered to your mobile device. You don’t need install any program, just use your web browser.

Below is the table compared mobile application and mobile web application’s differences.

Internet Access

Only required when communicate with server

Must be required



Depends on connectivity

Hardware Access


Need extra code

Database access

Need extra API

Client-Server model

Hardware & Platform Dependent




Must download and be  installed

URL Links


App Store

Not Required

It’s kind of like PC programs compare to Web applications in the PC world.

Since most changes will be taken on server side, so people on client side will not worry about software or hardware upgrade, and also not worry about if change a new cell phone, I need to re-install all my applications. (The market data shows people use the same phone not more than 3 years. See my previous blog.) Actually, even on your PC, the most program you are using is web browser. With Mobile Weber services, what you have to do is just sign-in and use, it’s independent with operating system, and on the cell phone, you may even not have to sign-in if you want the system remember you.

Of course the people still think how to earn money from mobile web applications mode. Think about it. 🙂


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