Can Intel get a grip on the Mobile Chips Market?

Nearly five years after Intel introduced its Atom for mobile market, this chip giant did not have any new products in the huge mobile market any more until recently they announced Silvermont. In 2011, the whole mobile market sold 760 mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, Intel is only a bit player in this business, although they have since made some new inroads, no significant improvement is projected for 2012.

Why the chip giant did not win the mobile market? First of all, the senior management did not forecast this business so well, so they still focused on the fat profit margins business of its PC and server-chips. Secondly, even Atom chips were essentially just stripped-down standard processors, so compare other mobile chips, it cost too much, as much as its power hungry. It took them 5 years to realize that PC sales are down, mobile sales are booming, this market has been occupied by Qualcomm and Broadcom Corp, even now they introduce the Silvermont, which is said truly optimized for low-power operation.

Actually, it’s not as simple as to introduce a new mobile chip. You have to collaborate with all other partners to have matched mobile operating systems, wireless circuits and manufacturers. Because a smartphone contains much more than a microprocessor: it contains a variety of accelerators of graphics, video, audio, wireless, and GPS. Other challenges are that Intel have to fight for banner of existed patents, and follow the game rules already existed.

因此,英特尔想要在移动芯片市场有所作为,有如咸鱼翻身。Could not find a good translation for this Chinese idiom, means died fish could not turn around by itself.

Intel, like Microsoft, its response for mobile market is too slow. Maybe for all big companies, they all have same issues.


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