Can Windows 8 Win the Security Issue?

Although most companies brought new products before 2012 Thanksgiving, like Windows 8/Surface (Microsoft), iPad4/iPadmini (Apple), Kindle Fire HD (Amazon), Nexus 10 (Google), and Samsung Galaxy 10.1,  but to the customers, too many choices means no choices.

Most customers could not see which on will be popular, so would rather hold the money.

Windows 8 makes most customers confused, because in the most new Ads, the high light of Windows 8 is support touch screen very well, but for most low price laptop, it installed Windows 8 but not with touch screen. So you cannot experience the new features of Windows 8. For those Windows 8 computers with touch screens, the price is not cheap, so it means the big  environment of Windows 8 is not ready yet. My daughters played on some Windows 8 computers, and feel it’s hard to use the touch screen than a mouse and they still like their iPad touch screen experience.

There are so many applications in Windows 8 requires you log-in first, this also makes a block that people can go further from start screen. Windows 8 should solve the single sign-on issue.

As holiday season gift, laptop is not one best choice any more, It looks most people selected a tablet, like iPad mini, or Kindle Fire as a gift. It’s obviously that if people have $400, they would buy tablet not laptop, neither a laptop alternatives — Surface — mostly. So Apple is doing a right market strategy that sale Mac series at the beginning of school, and sale iPad series in a holiday season, the market share data shows Apple won the game of 2012 holidays.

So you can see Microsoft did not on the right step to push their new products into the market.

Currently, Microsoft have to convince enterprise clients to replace their Windows XP by Windows 8, and also emphasis their Windows 8 security feature compare to their competitors, but can Windows 8 win the security issues? If not then the employee number will be hard to keep as current level. The result will be seen before the next Thanksgiving.


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