Your Project Management Coach

Introduction to the Book
You have projects to do and you want to complete them successfully – without making
yourself or your team miserable. But many times, the project can present challenges; it
may be incredibly complex or have to be finished in record time or with only a tiny
budget. At the same time, customers could change their minds or not know exactly what
they want to begin with.
To conquer the challenges your project faces and to achieve the desired results, you
and your team probably wish there was an expert in the next door who can coach you
and give you sage advice. “Your Project Management Coach” is the book that acts as
your mentor by explaining project management in an easy-to-swallow and engaging
style. You can learn which activities are essential, which are optional and which are
needed only in specific situations. The book uses four typical projects to make concepts
and techniques easier to grasp, it makes you feel much comfortable to look at your
project more closely.

Overview of Book’s Structure
Managing a project isn’t a linear progression from start to end. The book is organized in
parts that map to the project management process groups outlined in the PMI® Guide
to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®), which breaks down project
management into five process groups: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and
Controlling, and Closing; navigate the ins and outs of every aspect of a complex
Each chapter includes handy advice with tips, notes, and warnings. Also includes tests
of your knowledge and project challenges, which can help you review each definitions
and concepts you read. Each chapter provides the reader with a complete project
management framework that can be used across any kind of project.
Readers will march through successive chapters that explore the idea, elements of the
project management procedure, not as a rigid hierarchy, but within a context of real
project practice. At the end of this book, Part VI, the author discusses how to take the
next steps in project management, which is really helpful to improve project
management processes at your organization.
Highlights: What I liked!
Project Managers use a lot of soft skills, such as effective communication and
motivating people. At the same time, managing a project means keeping track of
thousands of small details. You have to make sure that all the work is getting done the
way it is supposed to, while solving problems, resolving issues, answering questions,
and keeping the stakeholders happy.

It’s very easy to miss something you are not familiar with. But with this book, you may
easily pick up what you missed. This is because the book is designed to let you apply it
to the real-life project that you may currently be working on. The book is filled with
author’s experience to craft your project management knowledge.
Who might benefit from the Book
This book can help project managers at several stages of experience advance to a
deeper level of knowledge, applied skills and understanding. Its practical approach will
enable the project managers to not only manage their projects, but also use it as a
helpful tool.
The book contains many drills and tests, so it can also be used to prepare for PMI’s
project management professional (PMP®) certification exam.

This book can coach any organizations’ project management, and demonstrate how to
achieve their targets. With real-life examples, this book is highly accessible guide of
project management.
Your Project Management Coach; by Bonnie Biafore and Teresa Stover; published by Wiley;
©2012, soft cover, ISBN 978-1-118-14424-4; List price US$44.99; more information about the book
Editor’s note: This book review was the result of cooperation between the publisher, PM World
Inc and the Dallas Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI Dallas Chapter – Publishers provide books to PM World, books are delivered to the PMI
Dallas Chapter where they are given to chapter members who commit to providing a book
review in a standard format; the reviews are published in the PM World Journal and PM World
Library. Since PMI Dallas Chapter members are generally mid-career professionals, they
represent the intended audience for most PM books. If you are an author or publisher of a
project management-related book, and would like the book reviewed through this program,
please contact


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