Forecast of Apple

Apple is always an interesting topic in the news, and there are many forecast about this great company.

In August, I gave the prediction about Apple would stop growing after Steve left in two years, even at that time they published new iPhone 5. Recently the news report that Apple changed their senior management team, and also had the problem on their supply chain.

Today I will provide some evidence here:

First, I will say it’s about leader. Steven is more focus on product, perfect product, and he believe people would like to buy a perfect product whatever the price is. Tim Cook looks more concern about company profit, this is why they push iPad Mini so hurry before the Thanksgiving holidays, but this product did not bring too much profit for the company as expected.

Second, Because its price, Apple products were designed for top 20% people, Android is for rest 80% people, Apple earned top 80% profile, and Android earned rest 20%. This is why Apple never mind how Android occupation of 80% smart phone market. But how to keep the loyalty of these top 20% people, only use more advanced products to keep them, it’s Steve’s strategy.

Third, if Tim wants to increase top 20% people to 30%, then the price might be the good pry bar, but they could not continue to earn high profit from it’s product chain.

Last, iPad mini is a tasteless product, which only can share the market of its own iPad not other tablets. As a thanksgiving gift, it’s not cheap, and Windows 8 is also coming before the thanksgiving, so who will win the game, it can be seen after Thanksgiving.

I still like Apple products, so I don’t want this great company going down. Steve is so charismatic leaders, many people said if he ran for the President, then he will be the next President, and then Apple products should have 100% market. :))


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