IT Industry

IBM was the alias name of IT, but the name should change to International Business Software. I am not the first person saying that. Microsoft wants to have its own hardware, like Surface, they expect it will be a blooming hardware, but who knows if it’s another gloomy product like Pink Phone. Another software giant Oracle also wants to be software + hardware, engineered to work together, but people still look at it as a Database company.  Michael Dell was back to the CEO, and tried to find their lost position, but now it looks they are not just lost position but also lost the way, they want to be anything integrated, but only trade more competitors. HP, was another company touched all over IT products, as same as they tried all kind of CEOs, and now they found it’s not easy to keep all products in advance, actually, no companies can do that. If Apple wants to do that, then it will slide down quickly. As I said, after Jobs left, two years, Apple will stop growing, and in 5 years, it will be going down. If you want to do everything in IT industry, then be prepare your lost. IT industry is one fast paced industry. Growing fast, died fast too. You can easily to recall many names like DEC, Sun, and many other past IT giants. Motorola was the No1 in IC and Telecom, and now it’s just one department of Google. Google has slowed down its steps, because the bottle neck is to convert inventions into a products, they need more engineers beyond software, otherwise they could not gain the profit from non-search engine. Samsung might be a successful follower and learner, but could not be a good leader. The Follower does not take much risk if no patent protection :).


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