How further can Apple go?

In past few years, Apple is no doubt a successful company in all of world.

First, Apple built an extraordinary hardware/software ecosystem that yields products that better integrate hardware and software (This is Oracle’s slogan 🙂 ) , Second, Apple built an easy-to-use platform: iTunes, App store, iBooks, and now iCloud, they are more care on customer experience than any other companies.

Once you leading the market, then you will have many followers, but more competitors. Many companies want to duplicate Apple mode, like Samsung, Google, and Microsoft, so many people ask how further can apple go? Especially after Steve Jobs, Apple spirit has gone.

One predict about Apple is after two years of Steve Jobs left, Apple will grow slow and even stop growing, after another 5 years, Apple might go down quickly, and its first place will be replaced by Samsung or other company.


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