Build a Better Team With Kudos

Build a Better Team With Kudos

Engage Your Employees

Connect your team with Kudos! Our simple to use employee recognition and communication tools leverage the power of corporate social networks to take employee engagement to a new level. Meaningful recognition is crucial to ensuring your team feels connected to the company and each other. An appreciated and connected team has the motivation to go that extra mile. What does genuine employee engagement mean for your business? Happier employees, stronger teams and a better ROI.

Give Meaningful Recognition

The heart of Kudos is our recognition platform. We all think we give recognition, but it is often fleeting and ineffective when given as quick comments in the hallway or presented months later in a review. With Kudos you can deliver timely, meaningful recognition that will motivate your team, promote engagement and foster communication. Better yet, giving Kudos is super easy and takes just seconds! So Thank Different™ and start giving some Kudos!

Enhance Communication In Your Team

With an interface similar to popular social networks, Kudos makes it easy for organizations and their teams to communicate! On the Team Wall, leadership can share their vision, promote events, set goals and celebrate successes. Team members can share their ideas, availability and of course give recognition. It’s a simple but effective system that makes employee recognition fun – and addicting! So connect, collaborate, celebrate and coach your team… with Kudos!


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