SharePoint course

SharePoint is perfect management program from Microsoft. 
The basic operation includes:
  • Create a SharePoint site
  • Customize a SharePoint site
  • Manage one or more SharePoint sites
  • Automate key business processes with SharePoint
  • Create custom workflows with SharePoint
  • Create and publish digital forms with SharePoint
  • Create dashboards and KPIs for reporting
  • Automate data collections

SharePoint program including: SharePoint Lists and Libraries; Workflows; Web Parts; Collaboration Features; SharePoint Designer; InfoPath and Forms; Data Views; Business Intelligence; and, Templates and Themes. final goal to use SharePoint is to improve your everyday team communication, business processes, information sharing and reporting.

You should understand:

  • How SharePoint stores data
  • How SharePoint works with files
  • Creating and Customizing Lists
  • Creating and Editing List Views and Exporting List Data
  • Working with Libraries
  • Built-in Workflows and Custom Workflows
  • How SharePoint can automate everyday work processes
  • Using “out-of-the-box” SharePoint functionality to create custom applications
  • Designing, Customizing and Publishing InfoPath Forms and Form Templates
  • Using InfoPath to design user-friendly data entry Web Parts
  • Using InfoPath to replace paper forms
  • Building custom views with Data View Web Parts
  • Using SharePoint Designer to modify Site Settings and SharePoint Pages
  • Using SharePoint to enforce business rules
  • How SharePoint works with external data
  • Fundamentals of SharePoint Web Parts
  • Fundamentals of SharePoint Business Intelligence
  • Using SharePoint to Create KPIs and Digital Dashboards
  • Utilizing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to show business status
  • Exposing Excel logic and worksheets with Excel Services
  • Understanding SharePoint’s templating system
  • Using Site Templates and Themes to Customize Sites
  • Creating reusable templates for SharePoint Lists, Libraries and Sites
  • Understanding SharePoint content types
  • Creating custom content types

Top 10 Reasons to Use SharePoint doing management:

  1. It’s easy to create and customize a SharePoint Site fit your needs
  2. Create Custom Workflows tailored to your organization’s needs with SharePoint built-in workflow capabilities
  3. Automate key business processes with SharePoint’s workflow system
  4. Use “out-of-the-box” SharePoint functionality to create custom applications
  5. Use InfoPath to replace paper forms by creating, customizing and publishing digital forms
  6. Automate your data collection efforts using InfoPath Forms
  7. Create and use SharePoint Dashboards and KPIs to give management clear visibility to key data and reports
  8. Enable collaborative communication among key stakeholders with Workspaces, Wikis, Forums and Surveys
  9. Use SharePoint Designer to customize your Site Settings and SharePoint Pages
  10. Use Data View Web Parts to work with external data and connect multiple data sources

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