Can you survive from project risks?

Risks threaten the success of every project. Successful project managers know how to identify and manage risk before it derails the project. Stay one step ahead of risk, can save you from project risks.

As the leader or manager of project, you have to improve your risk identification and management skills, which can help you adopt a more predictive and analytical risk posture. Learn to expolore risk and how to analyze it consistently for every project.

How to build risk models in real life projects for risk identification, quantification, qualification, response development and risk response control, and apply lessons learned.

Sometimes, you could not avoid the risk, then you have to balance the risks and reward throughout project life cycle. Before you can do that, you need develop effective metrics for measuring all risks, evaluating potential impacts on cost and performance goals. All these will help you do Go/No-Go decisions depends on business case analysis and risk assessment.


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