Top Tech 2012

IEEE Spectrum’s prediction of the tech that will make news 2012.

Good-bye, Wheelchair, Hello Exoskeleton (外骨骼对轮椅说再见)
This year, the Ekso Bionics exoskeleton for paraplegics hits the market
By Eliza Strickland
3-D Chips Grow Up (3维芯片增长)
In 2012, 3-D chips will help extend Moore’s Law—and move beyond it
By Rachel Courtland
Plug-in Vehicles Proliferate (嵌入式汽车激增)
Full battery-electric and hybrid-electric plug-in vehicles will start hitting the streets in significant numbers later this year
By David Schneider
Windows 8: A Redo From Redmond? (Windows8:重塑雷德蒙德(微软总部所在地))
The 2012 release of Windows 8 will show whether Microsoft can surf the tablet tidal waves
By Steven Cherry
LED Bulbs for Less (LED灯泡价格降低)
In 2012, there will finally be a first-rate LED bulb you can afford
By Richard Stevenson

Birth of the Bionic Eye (生物眼诞生)
In 2012, electrodes will bring eyesight to the blind
By Eliza Strickland
Single Blue Planet Seeks Same (蓝色星球寻求同类)
In 2012, a new exoplanet hunter will look for worlds like our own
By Rachel Courtland
A Battery as Big as the Grid (大规模电池网阵)
2012 could mark the arrival of utility-scale battery storage
By Jean Kumagai
EUV Faces Its Most Critical Test (远紫外线面临严酷测试)
2012 will be the make-or-break year for extreme ultraviolet lithography
By Katie M. Palmer
Fantastic 4G (精彩4G)
Hundreds of telecoms will invest in 4G LTE networks in 2012
By Marisa Plumb

Private Spaceflight: Up, Up, and Away (私人太空飞行)
This year, commercial spaceflight will really take off
By James Oberg
Charge of the EV Brigade (电动车充电站涌现)
2012 will test the feasibility of EV charging stations
By Lawrence Ulrich
China’s Homegrown Super-computers (中国自行研制超级计算机)
In 2012, China’s chips will power the Dawning 6000
By Joseph Calamia
3-D Printing Takes Shape (3维打印成型)
In 2012, 3-D printing technology will go from prototyping to production
By Paul Wallich


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