Enterprise Project Challenges

Face to a project which deploys a new operating system to 17,000 employees with the help of one other employee.
Heading a major enterprise project challenges the most experienced project manager. the most crucial part of this project is to have as little unscheduled downtime as possible for each employee due to the operating system change, because your company is doing this upgrade to try to add business value.
(Learning from Barbee Davis, MA, PHR, PMP)
1. Hold a meeting of project stakeholders from each department, including end-users. Find out which areas would gain the most benefit from the upgrade, who might be in a slow period and have time to learn the new system and which department is in the midst of a crucial activity that the upgrade would disrupt.
2. Think of peripheral projects that you will need to coordinate with your rollout, such as training, customer web interface considerations, internal or external manuals that might be affected and preparation of the help desk and maintenance teams. Those teams can run in parallel with your rollout process.
3. Run tests to see that all applications, including the proprietary ones, will function on the new operating system. Look at getting people up and running on the new software first. Plan your risks and have backup options if the installation of the new software brings down any servers or individual computers.
4. Break your rollout down into a series of smaller groups. Do one as a pilot and use what you learn in that experience to update the plans for the next group. Repeat until you have a smooth process. Then you can plan a schedule and estimate when each larger unit of users will be converted. Be sure to include a standardized check to see that each machine functions properly before moving on.
5. Plan a communication flow to alert groups to the upcoming change. Give them a warning to backup or complete crucial documents and files, announce a rollover date and how long they will be without access (whether it is three hours or two days) and plan training during the time their equipment is being converted. Then you can prepare a master plan to overlap so that one group is being alerted to backup while another is getting their rollover date. At the same time, a third group is being trained and the conversion team is upgrading the software.
Projects of this magnitude will not go flawlessly, no matter how experienced and knowledgeable the project manager. With several mentors to support you and lend their expertise to guide you, a realistic rollout plan and a plan to recover if things do not go perfectly, you can do well.


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