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Product Curve

This article is the translation of its Chinese version. We introduce the concept of Product Curve to indicate Personal Terminal Products market. Personal Terminal Products is the common name for all personal digital products like smart phone, iPhone, digital camera, … Continue reading

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先解释一下产品曲线的含义:从这张图中,我们比较了个人终端产品(包括手机,iPhone,数码相机,个人电脑,笔记本电脑,HDTV,iPad等等)从购买到淘汰的过程。横坐标是年数,纵坐标是喜爱程度。红色曲线表示价格相对便宜的一类产品,绿色表示价格相对较高的产品。这是一个统计曲线,所以可以反映出个人终端产品在大众当中的喜爱和持有程度。 通常的从产品购买开始的1-2年中,人们对产品的喜爱程度处于上升期,并不会购买替代单品来淘汰现有产品。价格较高的产品的上升期会略长于价格低的产品。然后两年后开始,用户开始注意替代产品,所以对现有产品的喜爱程度渐渐降低,价格较低的产品容易被替代,当然有些用户还会同时持有新旧两代产品。但通常到了7年(7年之痒),即便是奢侈品也基本上不能逃脱被淘汰的命运。 这张统计图,可以用于指导个人终端市场的开发周期,价格定制,以及预测投入/产出比率。这也解释了为什么Apple的产品的发布周期这么有规律。既保证了产品利润的最大化,又保证Apple Fans的稳速增长,同时还保证了再次购买率。 没有一个公司向苹果这样保持了产品的一贯性。试想一下,你现在的手机可能是Nokia,但是下一部手机可能会选择三星。但是苹果用户不会,因为苹果已经为他们打造好了新一代最佳的替代产品。

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Build a Positive Relationship with Your Project Sponsor

One of the most important relationships a project manager can build is the one with the project sponsor and it is one that project managers often find challenging to build and maintain. The best way to foster a positive relationship … Continue reading

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New-generation social collaboration platforms

To make correct decisions, every project manager longs to have an accurate, real-time picture of the work progress. Traditional project and portfolio management systems, however advanced they are, aren’t sufficient for getting the “big picture” in the fast-moving business environment. … Continue reading

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