The “talent” challenges

What it means to be Global. The “talent” challenges that confront worldwide corporations and how smartly designed recognition programs can help optimize outcomes 10 ways.

Webcast: Webcast Airs: October 27, 2011

In today’s ever-flattening global marketplace, rapid technological advances have created unprecedented opportunities for organizations to expand worldwide. But in doing so businesses must wrestle with the inevitable challenge of how to best influence the attitudes and actions of their people and promote the type of behaviors that spark exceptional performance across a global workforce. This webinar will examine how some of the more practical “people obstacles” that are often exasperated on a global scale and outline how HR leaders can leverage proven recognition tools and techniques to encourage, motivate, and engage global employees toward better organizational outcomes.

Attendees will learn:
1. Where the c-suite ranks the HR imperative among global business issues
2. Why a homogenous corporate culture is so hard to achieve
3. Why your brand needs to be authentic at every intersection; at home and abroad
4. Why “distances” among workers are actually more perceived  then they are geographical
5. Why some managers still don’t recognize their people

There will also be insight into:

6. How the nuances of local customs should drive the recognition program’s design aesthetic
7. How to align local/individual communications with global corporate initiatives
8. Why social media type tools are gaining momentum as worldwide recognition components
9. Why in-country award selection and fulfillment is a must
10. What you should look for during the discover and planning process

HR has changed significantly and continues to reinvent itself, becoming even more critical to business success.The HR department must work closely with management to understand company goals and then translate these goals into staffing needs, expected employee performance, and skills and knowledge that employees must have to meet short and long term company goals.

In playing such a critical role in a company’s performance, both people and financial, we will focus this session on what HR needs to know at both, strategic and functional levels, in order to:
1.       Closely align with business goals
2.       Execute and help employees execute with laser focus
3.       Share results trusted across the company

This session will focus on how companies are accomplishing the above based on trends that Forrester Research has found as well as what solutions the industry depends on to get the job done.We cordially invite you to participate in this informative, interactive session featuring Claire Schooley, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc. who covers the strategy and technology associated with talent management including performance, succession planning, formal and informal learning, and recruiting.
Come away with what you need to be aware of to achieve success in 2012.

As the economy continues on its track to total globalization, large and geographically distributed organizations are attempting to standardize and simplify many of their processes and structures.  HR is no different. Cutting-edge organizations are taking action by standardizing their global HR services and processes thereby enabling them to be performed on an industrial scale.  In order to make this leap, organizations are finding they must automate where possible, integrate their systems and encourage collaboration among them.
Implemented properly, these changes allow:

  • HR leaders to rise above operational concerns and tackle strategic concerns in the organization
  • more manager and employee self-servicing
  • a 360 degree, global view of the workforce

Looking at the last decade, it is hard to deny the creative and disruptive effect that technological advances have had on business. Since Y2K, we have seen the rise of social media, collaborative technology and web 3.0. What new ideas are likely to affect a  business 5 years down the road?  Although it’s difficult to impossible to predict the next LinkedIn or Facebook, what burgeoning trends will make it easier for HR to execute business strategy?
Log into this webcast and learn how:

  • Mobile HR is changing the way we will manage talne
  • HR leaders can have strategic impact with cutting edge technology
  • And much, much more


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