Observe, Learn, Practice and Improve

Observe, learn, practice and improve is a primitive learning methodology.

Think about like kids, they all like observing, they like imitate their parents by observing. Many kids have the talent of observing, because from their painting and drawing, you can more easily to see their observing skills are good or not, good painting can catch the more accurate characteristics of they observed. Of course, other classes like dancing, ballet, and gymnastics, can also show kids’ talent of observing.

Learning is very important, because, it’s not like observing can be a sort of one way. In most cases, good learning is kind of rely on the better quality of teaching. Because the basic idea about learning is how to copy the success from others. So you kids may learn more detail steps to complete a complicated stuff, or more abstract theory above observing. If your kids is good at craft making and chess, then it shows his/her talent of learning.

Just learning is not enough, kids have to take more practices after learning, so they can build up their confidence on doing something, if you send your kids to learn piano, I think no kids can play the piano very well if she just learned in the class. Arithmetic and chess also need more practice after class, to consolidate what they learned.

After practice, many kids can copy the success 100%, but smart kids do not stop at this point, they will think over what they learned, and go through each steps what they learned, and try to find out if there is any better way to improve. As a parent, you should observe your kids, do not estimate your kids way is good or not, some parents like correct their kids’ way, and think it’s not good way, just because the kids did not follow the way they did. If the kids can handle the stuff freely by their favorite ways, why stop them?


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