Improving Team Effectiveness with Emotional Intelligence

Do you know what emotional intelligence is and how it can improve your team’s effectiveness?

Successful teams have two things in common. They understand the dynamics of their group, and they face their emotions head on. With this insight, they can develop behavioral targets that include improved communication, better interpersonal dynamics, and increased ability to handle conflict.


Human Capital has become a powerful competitive force, and integrated talent management strategies and practices are now central to business results. This inflection point offers a once-in-a-career opportunity for human capital professionals to step up, acquire new knowledge and become strategic leaders.

The HCS certification course delivers a deep, contextual knowledge of the principles of human capital and business strategy, and provides the blueprint for integrating effective talent management practices across the organization. Over 6,000 HCS graduates are already helping their organizations leverage their human capital assets to compete more effectively.

The Master HCS designation offers practical, hands-on expertise, through implementation of a business case practicum that solves a real-world talent challenge in the candidate’s organization.

HCS and MHCS are the gold-standard credential for strategic HR, recruitment and OD/learning. They are career-changing achievements that signal knowledge beyond traditional HR, and expertise in the new competencies required for the 21st century human capital profession.

Learn more at HCI Human Capital Strategist (HCS) certification course


As simple headcount calculations give way to a complex mix of economic, global, and multi-generational considerations, Strategic Workforce Planning is becoming the most sought-after competency in HR today. Yet very few HR professionals are able to go past traditional manpower planning, to the qualitative decision framework that aligns workforce variables with broader organizational strategy.

The SWP certification course prepares graduates for a leadership role in strategic planning, with subject matter expertise and proficiency in forecasting, problem solving and business strategy. SWP graduates learn to:

*  Determine the most critical competencies and aptitudes needed for high performance and growth

*  Develop the ability to respond to rapid change, with comprehensive contingency planning

*  Identify and execute against specific workforce, management and leadership gaps

*  Identify, understand and adapt to global and local labor trends that impact the workforce

*  Imagine and prepare for multiple economic, market or competitive scenarios

*  Align workforce planning with integrated human capital and business strategy

The Master SWP drives hands-on application of the concepts explored in the SWP certification program. With the assistance of senior HCI faculty, candidates develop a detailed practicum that applies the SWP decision framework to an actual planning challenge.

Learn more at  Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) certification course


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