Why not discard WinXP

WinXP is the most successful Windows OS in Microsoft even the all of the world. It’s not just because WinXP is so excellent itself, but also the time was fast-grown of PC.  Since it was born, it beat many other opponents like Novell Netware, IBM OS2, Apple Mac OS, and conquered almost all PC market.  It brought enormous wealth to Microsoft, and so many personal customers to enterprise customers are still using WinXP. For personal customers, if they buy a new PC, then it will pre-installed Win7, then they may simply discard WinXP with the old PC, but for the Enterprise client, new OS  means you have to spend extra money on employee trainings.  Many companies already spent a huge amount of money on their IT equipment for many years, and then they found their IT investment is no end, since they have to pay money to hire IT engineers to maintain the large network, and enterprise system.

More and more companies feel the IT department is like large tumor cyst. It inhaled a lot of money, but you dare not to remove that easily. This is why they hope Cloud Computation can bring the transform, and thus they use IT functions just like they use other utilities. So new windows OS did not bring any new stuff as their expectation but cost money.

为什么还在使用WinXP?WinXP是微软乃至全球最成功的操作系统,这不仅是因为其自身的优秀,也因为他诞生在计算机市场高速增长的时期。说其优秀,是因为WinXP击败所有的劲敌,象Netware, OS2, and MacOS。Linux 尽管也诞生在同一时期,但是他太弱小了。所以WinXP占据了几乎全部的个人电脑市场,给微软带来了巨大的财富。这其实就是垄断,尽管微软一直不承认这一点。不过不承认归不承认,垄断的后果就是,微软的决策层认为他们的下一代操作系统依然是个人操作系统。现在看来,错了。他们花了大量的研发资金和优秀的开发人员,but not did on right thing。不过据说现在他们已经把90%的精力放在了云计算上,我想还好他们没有沿着错误的道路继续走下去。 不过其他公司并没有在云计算上有什么突破,Oracle正在大搞兼并,google也没有一个成型的企业方案。

我们回过头再来看看为什么WinXP依然占据很大的市场份额。从调查的数据显示个人用户升级到Win7比较容易,买一台预装Win7的新电脑,WinXP就会随着旧电脑一起被淘汰。企业用户的反应则非常迟钝,大部分依然保留WinXP的是企业用户,因为很多企业应用软件都是基于WinXP开发的。绝大多数企业花了大量的资金购买的IT设备,建立了企业内网,雇用了大量的IT技术人员保障设备及软件的正常运作。这笔投资还没有收回成本,而且发现IT工程师的价格都不菲,所以IT的投资远没有结束。 对于大多数业绩平平的公司来说现在根本没有更多的钱做大规模的企业升级。而且,最关键的一点是新的windows操作系统并没有本质上的改变。(我记得我说过这样一个笑话,办公室的秘书小姐的电脑在10年内换了三次,但是效率并不取决于电脑,而是取决于她的打字速度。)企业现在最想做的是使用IT资源象使用其他水、电、煤气一样简便,而不需要雇用水电工来维护。从这一点上看云计算是最好的解决办法。


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2 Responses to Why not discard WinXP

  1. qianggan says:

    Windows 8 is here, so it’s time to upgrade to new windows. Why? for most enterprise clients, they still use windows applications, and no other operation system can replace that yet. Second, the price, It’s much important factor for all most enterprise budget. Next, windows 8 provides a complete solution for enterprise clients, and it’s time to replace equipment which is 10 years ago.

  2. qianggan says:

    The updated data from Apple WWDC 2014, only 14.3% windows user would like to upgrade to Windows 8.1, and below picture shows still has 29.23% Windows XP user in Q1, 2014.Although Microsoft stopped the support for Windows XP, most people still like to install other alternate OS instead of new Windows 8.1, because hardware compatible issue. So the dark seed planted many years ago since Windows Vista.
    Q1 2014

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