Cloud Security

Last time I mentioned about who will be cloudon, that means who will gain the revenue from cloud computing, the answer is service provider, not product provider, in another word is the telecom carries, like AT&T or Verizon, because any cloud terminal user has to connect to cloud by them.

This time we will discuss cloud security issue.
尽管各大厂商都说自己的方案是云计算解决方案,Everyone says their solution is the best solution of cloud computing. 但是当说到云安全,好像还没有统一的说法。

先看一下未来的云计算是一种什么模式,作为端用户,不管你在那里,用什么接入设备,你都可以接入到云,并继续你未完的工作。That means as a cloud terminal user, wherever you are, and whatever the terminal devices you use, you always can connect to cloud, and continue your last work.

但是当你使用不同的终端时,云怎么鉴别你的身份呢?这样说吧,你使用电脑,有IP地址,你使用手机,有手机号码。你使用云服务时,你是谁?Who are you, this is the first thing you have to fact when you connect to cloud.

We need a global ID to identify who is who. But so far there is no such a solution yet, at least no an unified solution yet. But if we use global ID, the IDs must be stored somewhere in cloud, who can be the best or most security provider for this service? Like you can register a web domain name for your personal use, you should be able to apply a global ID from somewhere. Thus, when you travel from USA to China, you will not care about who is the service provider. And the most important thing is when you log in, the cloud know it’s exactly you!


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